the BEST Spray Tanning Tips!!!!
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the BEST Spray Tanning Tips!!!!
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Best Spray Tan Tips!
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the BEST Spray Tanning Tips!!!!

Ok, so we've all heard of Spray Tans / Fake Tans, and you are obviously reading my website and/or Blog to find out more info... What makes the BEST Spray Tan?
Here are the BEST Tips just for you!
1] Plan Ahead - Which day do you want to look the most Gorgeous? Book your Tan for a day or two before this date. Generally day 2 is the best colour.
2] Have you Exfoliated? - Exfoliating your skin before a Spray Tan is by far one of the most important things you need to do beforehand. If you haven't exfoliated for a while, I suggest that you start exfoliating your skin for a few days beforehand and then do a very light exfoliation just before you come in for your tan (so that your skin is not too irritated).
3] Just before your Tan Appointment, make sure you pop in the shower and properly wash off any Deoderant, Make-up and Moisturizer ... and Sweat ! Sweat is a Tan's worst nightmare, especially upon application.
4] Booking a Time for your Spray Tan - there are so may options these days with regards to length of time that a Spray Tan needs to stay on your skin. Morning and Afternoon Time-Slots are good if you are getting an Express (30min-3hour tan) but also in this Humid climate of ours in Perth - you could risk sweating it off before your shower - I recommed early evening for most spray tans so that you have the option of express or the overnight solution (dependent on which I think would better suit your skin type).
5] Wear Loose Dark Clothes (hello moo-moo type outfit) to your Appointment, and Thongs or Slippers (so that it doesn't scratch the tan off your feet afterwards). Try wear an outfit which doesn't require you to pop on a bra afterwards, therefore avoiding any marks on your body.
6] Don't Be Shy - We've seen it all and it doesn't faze us at all. You can either wear your underwear, a provided disposable g-string, or nothing. Whatever you feel most comfortable with. Bear in mind that if you are planning to go to the beach in a bikini and your undies were larger than your bather bottoms - you risk having huge white 'I have fake tan on' spots (never pleasant haha).
7] Listen - listen to my Tips and Tricks on how to Maintain your Spray Tan properly - I have a huge sheet detailing all the best tips on how to get the maximum streak free time out of your spray tan! some can last over 14 days if looked after correctly!
8] When its Time to Shower - do so using warm water - no do not use that loofah or body scrub or harsh soap - best to use a soap-free body wash or just rinse your tan using your hands and washing water all over your body. When you get out the shower - make sure you Pat-Dry with your towel (do not rub as this acts like an exfoliant).
9] Moisturize - Daily. Daily. Daily. Daily.
Other Cool Tips and Information:
* Ask me about how to create the illusion of Abs and Muscles (yes! instant gym body!)
* Do you Know that yes, your skin is a Living Thing and it is affected by many factors, such as: 'that' time of the month, season, foods you eat, stress, medication you are taking and so forth. If you ever feel like your tan is different or the colour went on differently or patchy compared to your previous tan from the same salon and same solution - generally the cause is the condition of your skin.
* How to Get Rid of your Spray Tan Completely (yes, that dark tan after 14days is a bit patchy now... time for your new one!):
Moisturize your whole body with BabyOil and leave it on your skin for a few hours. Then jump in a nice hot bath, grab a loofah (or your awesome exfoliating gloves), pour some exfoliating gel on it and Wam-Bam all gone ready for your next spray tan!

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