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The DOs and DONTs Immediately After You Tan
To (Fake) Tan or Not to (Fake) Tan... by Wellness WA
the BEST Spray Tanning Tips!!!!
Introducing EcoTan ZERO Chemical Fake Tan that is Certified Organic!


Best Spray Tan Tips!
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The DOs and DONTs Immediately After You Tan

Taken from the guys at St Tropez Tan - they have some Awesome tips! 

The DOs and DONTs Immediately After You Tan

While there are many beauty strategies you can implement to look and feel your best, tanning is oftentimes one of the most effective. However, to ensure that you maintain the beautiful look produced by the tanning procedure, it’s important that you know what to do and what not to do immediately after you tan. To obtain the information you need to keep your tan looking great, refer to the following quick reference guide:

To (Fake) Tan or Not to (Fake) Tan... by Wellness WA

Hi All !!!
Just wanted to share a quick write-up done by one of my favourite Perth writers - Annette fromWellness WA- if you haven't checked out her website, do so - she is amazingly talented & gives great advice on everything wellness in WA :P Here is what she had to say about Fake Tans vs Al' Naturale:
To (Fake) Tan or Not to (Fake) Tan…
So far we’re free of pesky hairs, feeling the benefits of exercising up a storm and have smooth glowing skin – so what next? The divisive topic of tan vs no tan of course!

the BEST Spray Tanning Tips!!!!

Ok, so we've all heard of Spray Tans / Fake Tans, and you are obviously reading my website and/or Blog to find out more info... What makes the BEST Spray Tan?
Here are the BEST Tips just for you!
1] Plan Ahead - Which day do you want to look the most Gorgeous? Book your Tan for a day or two before this date. Generally day 2 is the best colour.
2] Have you Exfoliated? - Exfoliating your skin before a Spray Tan is by far one of the most important things you need to do beforehand. If you haven't exfoliated for a while, I suggest that you start exfoliating your skin for a few days beforehand and then do a very light exfoliation just before you come in for your tan (so that your skin is not too irritated).

Introducing EcoTan ZERO Chemical Fake Tan that is Certified Organic!



Ok, so we all love a goodCOMPETITION- especially when you can so easily become a WINNER!!!!
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Whats your Favourite Spray Tan Solution????

Calling on all the Spray Tan lovers ! I love hearing about new spray tan solutions and spray tan tips and tricks!!! please let me know if you have any you would like to share!
I'd also really like to hear what your favourite spray tan solutions are! If I get a large amount of requests for a solution in my salon... i'd be happy to try organise stocking it for you!

How to Look after a Spray Tan in Humid Climates like Bali or Thailand

Fake Tan for HolidaysI tend to get a lot of clients coming for a spray tan before a holiday - especially for destinations such as Bali (as its a nice quick trip from Perth!).
Here are a few Spray Tanning Tips for Travel to a Humid Climate:
Generally a Spray Tan will not last as long when you go on holiday as you are doing different things daily in comparison to when you are at home - massages, swimming, diving, running around, singing in the rain, etc :P
Here are few tips and tricks to try to prolong your spray tan in this situation:

Spray Tan Perth - Winter Express Tan Discount!

Hi All !
I'm sure we are all feeling the pinch of winter start to really set in right about now!
I'm about to depart on a trip at the end of the month to escape my winter blues and head to Paris and Spain for a 3 Week Break... soooo for those of you who are in need of being a brown beauty before I leave, I'm offering the following:
For the next week (up until the end of June)...
Get the Aviva Express 2 hour Spray Tan for only
$30 each !
(normally $45)
Call or Text me on 0424 191 134 to book in this deal.
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