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Aviva Spray Tanning PerthBefore your Session
Shower and thoroughly Exfoliate your Skin. Pay attention to dry/rough skin areas like knees, elbows, ankles and tops of feet
Waxing and Shaving should be done at least 24-48 Hours Before your Session
To Your Session
Your skin must be completely Free of any Moisturiser, Deoderant, Make-up or Perfumes
Wear Loose Fitted Clothing for after your tan. Any minor rub off will wash out of most fabrics.
After Tan Care
Avoid Wetting your skin or activities that will cause extensive perspiration between the tanning and showering phase.
You may shower after 6 - 8 Hours   (1-4Hrs for the Booster/Express Tan)
When you first shower, you will notice some brown solution in the water. Expect 25-30% of your tan to wash off in your first shower. Some clients prefer shower oil (or baby oil) to help keep their skin moisturized.
After each shower, always Pat Dry with your towel. Try rather to use a Soap free showergel rather than normal soap.
Moisturise Daily (Every Morning & Evening) using the Aviva Labs exclusive after care products. Moisturising will reduce the rate at which your skin sheds and will keep your tan looking better for longer. Drink plenty of Water to help Moisturize your Skin Internally!
The use of Hot Baths, Chlorinated Pools & Spas will Reduce the Life of your tan!When swimming or soaking in a hot tub, use a thick waterproof sunscreen to help seal the tan (perfect for when your tan's done to head off somewhere tropical and when you'd be swimming daily!)
Avoid anything that can Exfoliate your skin, such as long hot baths, steamy showers, sauna's, hair removal products, acne products, masks & scrubs, skin renewing products or exfoliating gloves & sponges.
Important Information... The Spray Tan does NOT provide any Sun Protection and does not contain sunscreen. Please wear sunscreen during exposure to the sun!
Other Information:
* Ask me about how to create the illusion of Abs and Muscles (yes! instant gym body!)
* Do you Know that yes, your skin is a Living Thing and it is affected by many factors, such as: 'that' time of the month, season, foods you eat, stress, medication you are taking and so forth. If you ever feel like your tan is different or the colour went on differently or patchy compared to your previous tan from the same salon and same solution - generally the cause is the condition of your skin.
* How to Get Rid of your Spray Tan Completely (yes, that dark tan after 14days is a bit patchy now... time for your new one!):
Moisturize your whole body with BabyOil and leave it on your skin for a few hours. Then jump in a nice hot bath, grab a loofah (or your awesome exfoliating gloves), pour some exfoliating gel on it and Wam-Bam all gone ready for your next spray tan!
Also - See my SPRAY TANNERS BLOG SECTION for the Best Spray Tan Tips!

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