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The Real Spray Tan Specialist in Perth with over 10 Years Experience in the Perfect Tan! 
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I have worked as a Professional Spray Tan Artist since 2008, so for over 10 Years. I have loads of experience with every different skin type out there - and can happily claim to do one of the best spray tans in Perth!  
There are so many spray tanning solutions on the market these days, that it can be very overwhelming when trying to choose the best one to suit your skin type.
Jlee's Beauty stocks 4 different brands of Tanning Solutions which equates to 13 different color tones - this helps you have a proper range of choices (and definitely one to suit your particular skin tone). These solutions can be as light or as dark as you are wanting to go. Remember everyone is different.
The main thing to look for is a solution with the least amount of chemicals that will be put onto your skin. 

The Aviva Labs Range and the Aussie Bombshell Range of solutions are Hypoallergenic, Paraben free and contain some of the least amount of chemicals in their solutions compared to other brands - and the quality of their solutions way outperform others (see all the reviews scattered all over the internet and on this website!).

I have also recently added the Bella Bronze Range to my Salon - Capturing the Iconic Bronzed Gold Coast Lifestyle, Bella Bronze Tan is Australia’s leading professional and personal tanning range! Bella Bronze is the go-to brand for some of the country’s most popular social media influencers and with no hidden nasties, like parabens or preservatives, their solutions are super fine, luxurious and instant!
Developed and manufactured in Australia with skin firming technology, the fast drying, unscented, organic and natural blend is suitable for all skin types.

I also stock the INCREDIBLE Eco Tan - made by an amazing Aussie girl who was sick of chemicals in products - it is the First & Only Truly CERTIFIED Organic spray tan in Australia. Yes = No Chemicals. And - the Colour is AMAZING!!!! 
Why a Spray Tan?
Aviva Spray Tanning Picture - Fake Tans PerthIs your skin tired? Want to add some zing into your step? Need to put on that dress but your legs are as white as a ghost or do you want to hide some imperfection in your skin tone? 

Fake Tans can help cover unwanted visible defects such as scars, varicose veins, stretch marks and bruises.  

Jlee's Beauty is a home-based salon in Edgewater (north of the river in Perth) that uses the Aviva Spray Tan, the Eco Tan Solutions, Bella Bronze Tan and the Aussie Bombshell Products. 

Jlee's Beauty is a properly setup private heated/air-conditioned studio with the proper top of the line spray tanning machine equipment and air purifier. (not someone's shower!). You can walk away one happy bronzed beauty after your visit!   
Products & Solutions Stocked
 at Jlee's Beauty:

(what they are all about!)
Aviva Labs Products and Solutions way out-perform others out there with their Fake Tan and they have won multiple awards proving so. The Aviva Labs products is the best tan in Perth and it comes in a number of different solutions to suit every skin type and tone! And yes, they have over night solutions as well as the fast 1 to 4 hour Express tan solutions, which is also known as the 2 Hour Tan. Read the About Spray Tanning Section to find out more about their Solutions :)

Jlee's Beauty also stocks the fantastic Aussie Bombshell Spray Tanning Perth Aussie Bombshell Spray Tan Solution
The iconic brand Aussie Bombshell Spray Tan Solutions - proudly Australian Made (WA Made in fact)!
The Amazing Aussie Bombshell Spray Tanning Solution Brand was founded by Perth superstar Penni who wanted to create a brand primarily inspired by the WA beach culture! Support local beauty pioneers girls! Aussie Bombshell Solutions are responsible for getting the girls Sam & Renee from the Amazing Race Australia bronzed up and glowing, as well as the spray tans for the Miss Universe Australia Perth Girls! The Solution is not orange at all, it doesn't smell, its fast drying, alcohol free, hypoallergenic, paraben-free, oil free and BEST of ALL it is Extremely fast drying - requiring you to shower after 1 to 4 hours which means no more sleeping in your tan overnight!!! Plus the best part is - once you have showered - you are INSTANTLY bronzed! No more waiting for your colour to develop! Read my Spray Tan Reviews and Testimonials!
BOOK NOW and Trial this amazing spray tanning revolutionary solution!!!

The Bella Bronze Range 

Capturing the Iconic Bronzed Gold Coast Lifestyle, Bella Bronze Tan is Australia’s leading professional and personal tanning range! Bella Bronze is the go-to brand for some of the country’s most popular social media influencers and with no hidden nasties, like parabens or preservatives, their solutions are super fine, luxurious and instant!
Developed and manufactured in Australia with skin firming technology, the fast drying, unscented, organic and natural blend is suitable for all skin types. 

This tan is super body friendly : 
Bella Bronze Tan is 100% vegan.
It is Natural and Organic ingredients in their purest form are used in all formulations and products- without any nasty smells!
And the solution has even fade technology that allows for a longer lasting tan and gradual fade

 Australian First & Only CERTIFIED ORGANIC ECOTAN Spray Tans!
Eco Tan Spray Tan - Rich Honey ForumulaYes... you read correctly - Completely Certified Organic with absolutely NO CHEMICALS at all! Its a Mother Nature Formula that has got no hidden nasties and has made Australian History as being the first and only tan to be Certified by the Organic Food Chain (O.F.C - which is a Government approved Certifier).
EcoTan Spray Tans are a Organic Rich Honey Tanning Solution that is a beautiful luxurious tan which is also moisturising for your skin.
It is one solution that is controlled by you - the longer you leave it on, the darker you get.

EcoTan does not contain synthetic food colouring and is completely made from Organic pigments, herbs, flower extracts, fruit extracts all from mother nature. It uses Cacao (chocolate) as the colouring and other natural ingredients packed with antioxidants and B6.

Which means = IT IS SAFE FOR PREGNANT WOMAN and for Young Adults Performing on Stage !

Read more on the Tan under 'About Spray Tanning'
 Jlee's BeautyJlee's Beauty Spray Tanning Studio spray tanning studio is all about providing a comfortable and enjoyable experience whilst giving you the best tan in Perth! Making you feel truly beautiful is my job and I want you to walk out the door looking and feeling fantastic!

I have had a few different locations over the years of tanning and used to be in Mullaloo, Sorrento and Beldon - 
Come visit me at my current STUDIO in EDGEWATER

I am open 7 Days a Week and Late Appointments are Available as well!
Call Today to Book in for an Appointment, you won't be disappointed!
0424 191 134
I also offer FREE Spray Tan Patch Trial Tests if you are worried about colour or reaction from a Spray Tan!
I have personally had spray tans done on myself for the last 17 years so can offer loads of tips and tricks on how to maintain your spray tan so that you can get the most out of it!
I have a large happy client base, and I specialise in Spray Tans for Weddings - Brides & Bridesmaids, on Stage Dance Tanning for Teens and Photoshoot Models - and obviously the lot of us girls who like to be brown without the hours in the sun - so give me a chance to show you how fantastic this Tan really does turn out!!
The Aviva Tanning Solution, EcoTan, Bella Bronze and Aussie Bombshell Tanning Solution is applied Evenly, and because the solution has a Bronzer in it - I can see exactly where I have sprayed - so you wont be left looking streaky!
I have yet to have anyone unhappy about my Spray Tanning Techniques! 
The actual Spray time takes about 15 minutes and results in an immediate natural looking tan that will continue to develop over the next 4 to 12 hours (or 1-4 Hour for the Express Tan options) !
Please READ my Fake Tan Reviews Page :)
Check out this Review from the wonderful Annette from Wellness WA for the Wellness addicts of Perth! Check out her site, and my review on http://www.wellnesswa.com.au/2010/09/spray-tan-review-aviva-winter-glow-jlees-beauty-in-bedford-and-claremont/
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Also Available Most Public Holidays!!!
.... However, pre-book well in advance as I get booked up!
Jlee's Beauty Studio Part 2
Wedding Packages specifically for the Bride to be! Bridal Spray Tanning PerthI understand that this is YOUR most important day of you life! Given this, I will only Spray Tan you if you have previously had a colour trial before your wedding, as you need to be happy with the colour prior to your big day.
I recommend a trial at least 3 weeks prior leading up to your big day, so you can ensure it is right for you!

This is an Aviva Spray Tan, Eco Organic Tan, Bella Bronze and Aussie Bombshell Fake Tan Salon is located in WA and therefore service all areas north of the river including spray tanning Hillarys, spray tan Warwick, spray tan Duncraig, spray tan Ocean Reef, spray tan Sorrento, spray tan Craigie, spray tan Carine, spray tan Beldon, spray tan Edgewater, spray tan Connolly, spray tan Iluka, spray tan Greenwood, spray tan Hamersley, spray tan Doubleview, spray tan Scarborough, spray tan Trigg, spray tan Gwelup, spray tan Innaloo, spray tan City Beach, spray tan Karrinyup, spray tan Heathridge, spray tan Padbury, spray tan Woodvale, spray tan Marmion, spray tan Joondalup, spray tan Mullaloo, spray tan Kallaroo, spray tan Edgewater, spray tan Kingsley, spray tan Claremont, spray tan City Beach and so forth - it is the Best Spray Tan in Perth!
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